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28 juin 2005

First Day & Bergère de France order

Me got on the train this morning around 9:00 as he is starting his assignment tomorrow. After dropping him off I went to work. Not much going on there. We had our monthly division meeting, but nothing new there either.

I place my order with Bergère de France through Direct Laine in Canada. This is what I ordered:

  • Cotonature – Ceramique (Light Blue): 6 skeins
  • Cotonature – Lupin (Light Purple): 6 skeins
  • Cotonature – Giroflee (Yellow): 2 skeins
  • Ciboulette – Diamant (White): 10 skeins (I was going to get 20, but they said they only had 10 left)
  • Ciboulette – Zebulon (Light green): 10 skeins
  • Instructions on CD

I originally wasn’t going to order the Cotonature, but looking at Bergère de France’s website where they show the yarn selection for next year, it looks like it is going to be discontinued. So, since I’ve been wanting to try it, I figured I’d better get it while I still can.

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