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29 juin 2005

First Night and Second Day

This is going to be tough to come up with titles!!!

I had to stay late at work last night to make up the time since I came in late in the morning.  The good thing about this was that traffic wasn't too bad leaving work.
Toni and Luther insisted on riding in my knitting bag.  They said that the yarn in it should protect them in case of impact (I don't think they trust my driving...)

All the "children" were seen last night except for Number 5.  Noemie seems to be doing better, she ate some chicken and some canned food.  We had a pretty good thunderstorm last night with losts of ligthning (good thing I didn't have to sleep with the Dinosaur!), so the "children" couldn't decide if they wanted to be inside or outside.  Actually I think they wanted to be outside but not in the rain... which was not an option.  Only Emily (with Apollo of course!) spent the night inside.

Not much going on here at work...

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