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01 février 2006

Fiber stash

Thanks to my spinning mentor Elaine I am now the proud owner of my own fiber stash.  This is what I acquired: 1/2 white fleece (unknown breed), 1/2 colored Romney fleece (Elaine said that it didn't behave like typical Romney though), some black, roomit and light grey Shetland, five different colors of alpaca, a little bit of suri, some white angora, from CCR's Katie (one of Elaine's bunnies). Don't I look more like a serious spinner now? Grace à mon mentor de filage, Elaine, je suis maintenant la fière... [Lire la suite]
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20 janvier 2006

Pi bonnet

Now that I have made that yarn, I was not going to let it sit in a basket.  For my first project with my handspun I chose to make a hat for myself.  I made up the pattern and I call it the Pi bonnet, because I started with circle using Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi recipe.  So there it is: Maintenant que j'ai fait cette laine, je n'allais pas la laisser dans un panier.  Pour mon premier projet avec ma propre laine j'ai choisi de me faire un bonnet.  J'ai fabriqué le patron et je l'appelle le Pi bonnet parce que... [Lire la suite]
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20 janvier 2006

Need yarn? Besoin de laine?

I have been busy making more yarn.  I had one pound of the purple wool-mohair-alpaca fiber and I spun it all!  Here are a few pictures to show you how it turned out.  I love the colors! J'ai été occupée à faire plus de laine.  J'avais 500g de fibre laine-mohair-alpaga violette et j'ai tout filé!  Voici quelques photos pour vous montrer le résultat.  J'adore les couleurs! Here it is the same fiber, except that I added some extra... [Lire la suite]
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10 janvier 2006

Observations of a new spinner

Following are a few observations I have made since I started spinning about a month ago.  They are in no particular order and won't be of any help to experienced spinners but might give aspiring spinners an idea of what they are about to get themselves into. Spinning is addictive (that way you can't say I didn't warn you); Before the end of your first class you are going to want to own a spinning wheel if you don't already; I can't remember the name of all the parts of my spinning wheel (but that's OK, neither do they!),... [Lire la suite]
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09 janvier 2006

Spinning - Filage

After making my first yarn, I haven't been able to resist very long to get my own spinning wheel.  We got an Ashford Traditional, single drive from Copper Moose who also gave us two additional bobbins and one pound of fawn alpaca fiber (WARNING, that stuff may cause severe addiction!).  We also bought some Gaywool dyes at the same time.Apres avoir filé ma premiere laine, je n'ai pas pu resister très longtemps pour acheter mon propre rouet.  Nous avons commandé un Ashford Traditional (simple entrainement) chez Copper... [Lire la suite]
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09 janvier 2006

Christmas Knitting - Tricot de Noël

OK, let's try and do some catch up here.  First, here are a couple of pictures of things I've knitted as Christmas gifts.  I've actually knitted more but I didn't take pictures of everything. OK, essayons de faire du rattrapage.  Tout d'abord, voici quelques photos de choses que j'ai tricotées comme cadeaux de Noël.  J'ai en tricoté d'autres,mais je n'ai pas pris de photos de tout. Here is the dress I made for a friend's daughter, Lily.Size: 1 yearYarn: Bergère de France, CibouletteNeedles: 3 mm (?)Voici une... [Lire la suite]
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06 janvier 2006

Books - Livres

Since I have a fair amount of books, I started an online catalog through the Library Thing.  I haven't added all my books yet and I've only added knitting books so far.  But it's a start and at least if you see a book there, then I have it.  Of course, if it isn't there it doesn't mean I don't own it... Comme j'ai pas mal de livres, j'ai commencé un catalogue online en utilisant the Library Thing.  Je n'ai pas encore ajouté tous mes livres et j'ai seulement ajouté des livres de tricot pour l'instant.  Mais... [Lire la suite]
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05 janvier 2006


Thank you all for your kind words about Mars.  I still miss him a lot.  And as I think about him, I also looked back at this past year.  2005 hasn't been a good year for our furry children:  we started the year by losing Bob on January 1st and ended it by losing Mars on December 31st; we also lost Buddy on my birthday and two others (Creme and Ugly) during the year.  Five cats in a year, that's too much for me!  And unfortunately we are not the only ones who lost a loved cat; Risa just lost Baron to FIP. ... [Lire la suite]
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31 décembre 2005


This is the only picture of Mars I have. I found Mars dead in front of the house when I got up this morning.  He was killed on the road. Mars, we love you and miss you.
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15 décembre 2005

I made yarn !!!

Sunday, ME and I had the honor and privilege to spend the day with Elaine who taught us how to spin.  She is a great teacher and a fountain of knowledge!!!  Thanks Elaine!! She covered everything from choosing a fleece, washing it, carding, dying, spinning on the drop spindle and spinning wheel, plying, setting the twist... So here is my first hank of yarn, spun on a spinning wheel.  I loved it!  Of course, it is far from being perfect!  But with practice I should get better.  At least, it was... [Lire la suite]
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