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30 novembre 2005

Six Toe

I've got a couple more pictures taken, so I figured I'll share some with you... My "victim" for today is: Six Toe After being outside in the cold,Six Toe likes to come and snuggles into Me's cardigan... Ok, let's try and get a better look: After he is nice and warm, he also likes to roll on the rug...
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22 novembre 2005

Baby Blanket Pattern - Patron pour Couverture Bébé

Since I was asked about the Baby Blanket, I figured I'd try and write the pattern for it.  Hopefully it makes sense!  Please let me know if you find any mistakes. Puisqu'on m'a demandé à propos de la couverture de bébé, j'ai décidé d'essayer d'en écrire le patron.  J'espère qu'il a un sens!  N'hésitez-pas à me dire si vous trouvez des erreurs. English version     Version française
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21 novembre 2005

Pictures! - Photos!

As I am trying to catch up with technology, I finally acquired a digital camera.  Of course my first victim was:     Apollo! I'll try and learn how this new "toy" works and hopefully get more pictures soon...
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16 novembre 2005

Comments - Commentaires

Can you tell I am still learning how this thing works?  People left me some comments and I didn't even realize it and they weren't showing...  Then I just realized that the option "moderate comments" was on (I didn't even know it existed).  So I apologize to those of you who were kind enough to drop me a line and thank you for it.  You can write me in English or in French. While you are here, go say Hi to Rebekah.  She does beautiful work!  I especially love her Fair Isle sweater and the... [Lire la suite]
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16 novembre 2005

Baby Blanket - Couverture Bébé

Thanks to Irene again, I now have pictures of the baby blanket I made and also entered in the contest hosted by the EZasPI group. De nouveau grace à Irene, j'ai maintenant des photos de la couverture de bébé que j'ai faite et que j'ai également entrée dans le concours tenu par le groupe EZasPI.         I think it turned out pretty good, especially the colors.  I used sport weight acrylic yarn and 10.75mm needles.  All the stitches are Shetland: the center is the fircone pattern, the border... [Lire la suite]
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08 novembre 2005


This must be a special day... this is the first picture I ever posted!  Thank you Irene for taking it for me.This is the mini shawl I have made as part of the Shetland Lace Workshop hosted on the EZasPi group.  I am going to enter into the contest...  It is about 9" square. The EZasPi group is the best group I know.  I'm having a lot of fun there and also learning a lot.  And Elaine, the listmom is great.  Check out her new Angora rabbit babies: !  Aren't they... [Lire la suite]
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07 novembre 2005

Kittens Update

Well, it looks like there are a total of four kittens.  They come to the kitchen porch to eat and it looks like they are now living under the front porch (I guess it's a lot closer to the food source!).  I was able to hold one of them, but they usually run and hide when they see somebody.  We better try and tame them now! So, how many do you want??
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04 novembre 2005

Need some kittens?

Yesterday morning Snickers came on the porch for breakfast and with her were two tiny fur balls... she had brought two of her babies with her.  I wonder if she only has two or if there are more... I think that all the critters around here know that we are the local "welfare office": if you hang around the house, you will get two meals a day.  And I'm sure that they are spreading the word... See, when Stacy had her first litter, she would catch game and bring it to them in the barn to eat and teach them how to... [Lire la suite]
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